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How to put Baby to Sleep through the Night

How to put Baby to Sleep through the Night

Feb 14, 2023


When your infant or children are awake, you are too. In addition to being exhausted, not getting enough sleep can result in health problems that no one wants. In addition to being beneficial for your health, getting more sleep at night is crucial for children and infants.

There are various tried-and-true methods you may take to improve the process if you're having trouble getting your infant or young child to sleep at night. Some of them can take some effort to put into practice, but once you do, everyone benefits from your children having improved sleeping habits.

  1. Establish a stable bedtime routine
    Your bedtime routine should be simple and sustainable, so it’s easy for you to do it every night. Even the smallest change in your baby’s routine can leave them feeling off, and suddenly waking more frequently at night.
  2. Try to soothe your infant less as you teach him or her to soothe themselves It's always ok to go check on your infant if they or wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying for you. Try to spend as little time as possible with them inside nevertheless. Let everyone know that it is still time for bed and not to play or eat. To soothe them, briefly place your palm on their chest. Then, leave the room.
  3. Stop night feedings
    Once you get the okay from your doctor to stop night feedings, you should slowly start to reduce them. In many cases, feeding becomes a sleep association because you fed your baby every time they wake up.
  4. Follow the Schedule
    Make sure your baby is getting the right amount of daytime sleep to prepare them to get the right amount of nighttime sleep. As newborns, babies can’t differentiate between day and night, they just sleep ‘round the clock.

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