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Baby Skin Care Tips

Baby Skin Care Tips

Sep 04, 2022


Proper skin care can ensure that your baby has great skin for the rest of their life. Here you will learn how to care for baby skin and we have listed some of the best ways to ensure your precious little one's skin health.

  1. Bathing:
    Choose a soap with a pH of around 5-5.5. Use lukewarm water and a gentle soap to wash your baby's skin. To avoid the chill, keep the room where you dry off your baby warm and turn off all air conditioners and fans. Never use a new product on your baby's skin. Antibacterial soaps should not be used because they may be too harsh for the baby's sensitive skin.
  2. Powdering
    Choose baby-specific products and avoid using powders with fragrances and other chemicals, which may irritate the baby's sensitive skin. Avoid powders containing grains in favour of herbal powders, especially for the diaper area. 
  3. Diapers:
    Diaper rashes are frequently caused by skin irritation caused by wet diapers left on for too long, too-tight diapers, or the use of a specific soap, wipes, or diaper. Change the diaper as soon as it becomes wet, and after cleaning the area with wipes, sprinkle some powder to keep it dry and clean. Most baby skin rashes are not serious, but a few of them may be an indication of infection and require special care. If the rashes become too severe, see your paediatrician right away for more effective treatment.
Dry Skin:
Use a natural moisturiser on your baby's dry skin to keep it hydrated, soft, and supple. Pure coconut oil is a popular choice. Bathing your baby too frequently or for too long may deplete vital nutrients from the skin, leaving it dull and dry. During the first month, gently sponge your baby with plain water two or three times per week; this should keep the baby clean while preventing her skin from losing its natural moisture.

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