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6 Precautions to Take Before you Bathe and Wash your Baby’s Hair

6 Precautions to Take Before you Bathe and Wash your Baby’s Hair

Sep 04, 2022


  1. Because babies do not exercise or get as dirty as adults, their hair is generally cleaner. Wash your baby's hair about twice a week.
  2. Baby skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, so choose a shampoo that is gentle on it. If the bottle says "tear-free," it's a good bet. Because the stores can be confusing, it is best to ask your paediatrician what he or she recommends. It's also a good idea to get a non-scented shampoo so the baby doesn't mind the smell.
  3. Before starting on your baby's hair, make sure to wash their entire body. Babies can become very cold quickly, so start by cleaning their body. When bathing your baby, fill a small tub that sits on the counter or inside a larger tub halfway with lukewarm water. This will also make your baby feel more at ease and, hopefully, more cooperative.
  4. Baby's sensitive skin will react negatively to extremely hot water. Water that is warm to the touch but not hot is ideal. Use your elbow or the inside of your wrist to test the water. It is too hot for a baby if it is hot for you. To avoid unexpected hot water flashes, never put the baby in the water while the faucet is still running, and always turn off the cold water last.
  5. Remember to shield Baby’s eyes with your hand when rinsing shampoo out. Just because Baby’s head is tilted back doesn’t mean there won’t be any stray drips.
  6. Save it for the end of bath time. A hatred of hair-washing is something that many babies have in common, so saving the shampoo for the end of bath time can help you avoid a conniption earlier on.

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