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Winter Skincare Tips for your Baby

Winter Skincare Tips for your Baby

Nov 01, 2022


As winter is approaching it is very important to care, protect and nourish the skin of your kid. We have given some tips below to our new moms which can be helpful for them:

Put a humidifier in the nursery.
In the hot summer months, humidity levels can reach over 50%, while in the chilly winter months, it can only reach 10%. Skin loses moisture when the atmosphere is less humid. To restore the humidity and stop your baby's skin from drying out, install a humidifier in their room.

Skip the long baths.
Did you know that skin dries out when exposed to water? Contrary to popular belief, taking a warm bath does the opposite of hydrating the skin. Give your baby or toddler a bath for no more than five minutes.

During the winter, moisturize more!
During the drier and colder winter months, moisturize frequently. This winter skin care advice for your infant or toddler is essential. Because it is thinner and more sensitive by nature, baby and toddler skin are both more vulnerable than adult skin. After bath time, when applying a moisturizer can help seal in the hydration, is the ideal time to moisturize your baby's or toddler's skin. To lock in moisture, keep in mind that ointments are superior to creams and that lotions are superior to creams.

When you are outside, protect the skin of your infant or toddler.
When it's very chilly outside, a hat is a must for your infant because its head is where it loses a lot of heat. If your kid will be spending a lot of time outdoors, it's crucial to shield their hands and heads with mittens and hats. Your newborn or toddler's skin may get dry and itchy from the cold, dry air since it was not adequately protected. A crucial winter skin tip is to protect your child's skin from the elements while also keeping in mind that layering is a sensible method to clothe your child for the colder months.

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