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Why Do Babies Need Special Skincare Products?

Why Do Babies Need Special Skincare Products?

Sep 09, 2022


  1. To Support Skin Barrier
    All newborns have an underdeveloped skin barrier, which develops during infancy into a barrier that helps the body retain moisture while filtering out dangerous poisons, pollutants, and microbes. These can enter the circulation without a strong skin barrier, where they could endanger human health. By avoiding skin drying elements like SLS and ethyl alcohol, as well as using infant creams filled with nourishing components proven to contain a high amount of necessary fatty acids, you may supply this. The skin is hydrated from the inside out by essential fatty acids (EFAs), which also assist prevent drying out. Hemp seed oil and rosehip oil are excellent sources of EFAs, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  2. Maintain PH Balance
    Healthy skin has a pH that is slightly acidic, but some substances in newborn skin care products can upset this balance, leaving baby skin feeling dry. One such component is SLS. It is frequently added to baby shampoos and bath products to create foam, but doing so can damage the skin's delicate acid barrier. The pH of your baby's skin will be more alkaline after bathing even if you are just using water and cotton wool to clean them. Tap water is also naturally alkaline. Both of our organic baby shampoos without SLS are pH-balanced and produced with naturally foaming chemicals to help you clean your baby's skin without removing any protective oils.
  3. To Protect Against Heat
    Infants must also receive age-appropriate UV protection. Children who have trouble controlling their body temperature may need to use a sunscreen that won't clog pores and increase their risk of experiencing prickly heat because adult sunscreens are frequently too thick for their thin newborn skin. Organic Children SPF30 Scent Free Sun Cream is formulated for delicate skin and offers UVA and UVB protection that is efficient, water-repellent, and free of chemicals or pore-clogging substances. Starting at six months old, infants can use it. Infants shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight before this age.
  4. Protection Against Skin Toxins
    Up to 60% of some poisons applied to the skin may be absorbed into the bloodstream, according to research, depending on the chemical's origin and other characteristics. In addition to the fact that toxins often employed in skin care are more likely to penetrate newborn skin, these toxins are also probably more concentrated and therefore have a more significant effect. UV filters, parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, DEA, TEA, irritating emulsifiers, synthetic colours, and artificial fragrance are examples of synthetic compounds that have the potential to penetrate the skin barrier. Some of these substances can push other toxins over the barrier because they are penetration enhancers as well. We do not use any of these components in our Organic Babies products because of this.

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