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What to Look in a Baby Lotion

What to Look in a Baby Lotion

Sep 04, 2022


Clean and Safe Ingredients
It is always important that your baby care products are formulated with clean and safe ingredients. Check that the baby lotion you're buying is free of parabens, fragrances, alcohols, dyes, and other harmful ingredients that could irritate your baby's skin.

Of course, your baby lotion isn't limited to simply hydrating the skin. There are some lotions on the market that are great for clearing up more severe skin conditions such as cradle cap and eczema. Finding a lotion that can be used for various skin conditions is a great option, especially if your baby has very sensitive skin.

Lotions vs. Creams vs. Ointments
While the three of these are all similar in nature, creams and ointments feel heavier than lotions since they have a higher concentration of oil. Lotions are the thinnest of the three, so they're the easiest to spread and absorb fast. However, if you're looking for something to be ultra moisturizing or help heal a skin issue like eczema, it may be best to go with a cream or ointment.

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