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What Parents should know about Baby Winter Skincare

What Parents should know about Baby Winter Skincare

Dec 01, 2022


As winter approaches, the temperature drops sharply, which lowers the humidity levels. The dry air dries out the skin, especially on infants whose delicate skin evaporates moisture more quickly. This is why eczema and other dry skin disorders tend to get worse in the winter. Make sure your baby's skin is always well-moisturized to avoid this. After bath time, use BabynU Moisturizing Body Lotion to seal in moisture and guard against dry skin for your baby. By massaging the infant before a bath, you can also combat dryness.


In addition to warming the infant, this also promotes better sleep and circulation in the arms and legs. With the richness of Coconut, Avocado, Almond Oil and Apricot, Our Massaging Oil seals in moisture and has a variety of nourishing advantages for your child. The skin on the scalp is also affected by winter dryness, thus it needs sufficient moisturization. You can use our Moisturizing Oil which hydrates deeply and keeps the scalp nourished, you may avoid dry flakes, dandruff, and itching.

Being skinny and delicate may make your kid more vulnerable to weather fluctuations, but it also has benefits. Being sensitive helps the infant develop emotionally and physically healthy because it makes the baby more aware of your touch and cuddling. So that you may enjoy those cuddles all year long, give your newborn skincare that is suited for the season.

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