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What Kind of Baby Wipes you should Choose for your Child

What Kind of Baby Wipes you should Choose for your Child

Nov 01, 2022


Choose anti-bacterial

Baby’s hygiene is crucial, especially in the first few months of her life. It pays to be as careful as you can be because this is the time when chances of your baby incurring infections and diseases are the highest. As she grows up, her immunity increases and her body becomes more able to fight the germs and bacteria in her way. But for now, only choose a brand that promises proactive baby antibacterial wipes.


No alcohol

The baby fresh wipes you buy should certainly have no alcohol in them, no matter how little. Instead, it would be best for her if you were to choose a product that has purified water as its main cleansing agent. It will help prevent rashes and infections from happening and keep her protected from germs and bacteria as well.


Soft and moisturizing

When buying wipes for babies, it is also recommended that you choose a soft and moisturizing product. A baby wipe that has been specially designed to retain moisture is your best bet. A newborn dirties itself several times a day and wiping its bottom can be rough. So when you choose a soft and moisturizing product, you can ensure that her skin won’t dry out nor will she feel any irritation no matter how many times you wipe her.


Choose a fragrance free product

Buy fragrance free baby wipes if you want to lessen the chances of your little one getting irritated by the source of the fragrance. It is always recommended to use products which are scent-free as much as possible for babies and baby wipes are no exception.

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