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Myths Related to Rashes on Baby’s Skin

Myths Related to Rashes on Baby’s Skin

Nov 21, 2022


  1. This myth is prevalent everywhere. Being a new mom makes you more susceptible to these ideas since you want what's best for your young one. However, you should be aware that your infant cannot develop bum rashes from using diapers alone. Rashes can also be brought on by a combination of dangerous chemicals in the diaper, poor skin cleanliness, and wearing a loose diaper. To ensure you aren't doing things incorrectly, you should maintain a checklist.
  2. Myth: Rashes can be reduced by using powder when changing their diaper.
    Applying powder to your baby's skin will actually cause more damage than good. Your baby's skin may develop rashes in the diaper area if it is dry. To ensure quicker healing and better outcomes, we advise to apply a diaper rash cream on your child instead.
  3. Myth: Change diaper when there is a leakage
    You should change your baby's diapers every five to six hours, even if there are no obvious leaks. A big factor in newborn babies' skin rashes is improper diaper hygiene care.
  4. Myth: Big size do no cause rashes
    According to studies, wearing a diaper that is larger than it should be can be uncomfortable and possibly result in leaks. To lessen friction between the diaper and their baby's skin, parents frequently make this error. 
  5. Myth: Cloth diapers are the best
    Although it's not quite a myth, it still has to be explained. Because cloth is affordable and simple to use, it is good for the environment. However, there are now a variety of biodegradable diapers that are secure and simple to discard.

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