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How to Massage a Baby ?

How to Massage a Baby ?

Dec 18, 2022


For centuries, babies and their parents have enjoyed infant massage. There's also plenty of research to back up the benefits. Infant massage is proven to improve sleep quality in babies and their parents, stress reduction, healthy brain and physical development, improved non-verbal communication, and more. In short, making time for infant massage in your caretaking routine can reap massive rewards.

These simple steps can guide you how can you give a relaxing and calming massage to the babies:

  1. Dim the lights, shut off your phone, turn on some soft music if you’d like, and make sure the room is warm.
  2. Choose a comfortable, but flat surface.
  3. Undress the baby. A little air time will even be beneficial for the baby's bum if she has a diaper rash or heat rash.
  4. Now its time for the massage. For small infants, use soft, gentle strokes. For toddlers, you can use more firm “massage” strokes. Think of a massage stroke as smoothing your baby’s skin, rather than rubbing it.
  5. Target the right area. Massage tummy, head, back, arms and palms to the baby. Talk softly, sing a lullaby, or gently shhh your baby. This will also help the baby to sleep peacefully.
  6. If the baby starts to fuss, stop the massage and resume at a later time

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