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How to Give Massage to your Baby?

How to Give Massage to your Baby?

Jan 29, 2023


Giving a massage to your baby has endless benefits and is a great way to bond, and connect with your baby. It’s a nice trick to soothe your irritated and crying baby, stimulate muscle development, help them fall asleep quickly, and many more. Usually, the best time to give a massage is before the bath in the morning however there may be times when your child is not in the mood to get a massage in the morning which is something not to worry about. So basically it all depends on your baby and in which mood she is.

Here are a few techniques that you can include in your massage routine:

  1. Working downward in a fluid circular rhythm, wrap your hand around the arm or thigh. Pressure should be applied to the pressure points on the palms and soles of the feet. Try massaging the fingers and toes thoroughly.
  2. Near the belly button, gently massage the stomach in a circular manner with your fingertips. Then, using flat hands, massage in an outward manner from the rib area to the hips.
  3. With flat hands, massage the chest in a heart-shaped motion starting in the middle and moving outward.
  4. Starting in the middle and moving in the opposite direction, the back should be massaged with flat hands. Next, massage downward from the neck to the bottom with your fingers.


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