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How Avocado Nourish Baby’s Skin ?

How Avocado Nourish Baby’s Skin ?

Jan 07, 2023


Avocado is the magical researched ingredient that nourishes the skin like nothing else. A baby’s tender and delicate skin needs nutrients like lecithin, and potassium, besides vitamin E, to keep it well moisturized since their skin can become dry and this is what an avocado does. Avocado Oil is known for nourishing dry, flaky skin. It is especially good for a baby’s scalp as most newborns have dry flaky skin on their scalp and some even suffer from cradle cap. Applying avocado oil to the scalp helps to reduce it and keeps the baby's scalp healthy. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is especially recommended for babies as most newborns and infants suffer from skin issues like baby acne, eczema, dermatitis, and rashes; it helps soothe their skin and relieve inflammation. Newborns and infants are susceptible to peeling skin and that’s where the hydrating properties of avocado help to keep the baby’s skin hydrated as well as provide a protective layer to prevent more damage to the baby’s skin. Products with avocado extracts are completely safe and can be used daily.


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