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Baby Sleeping Tips

Baby Sleeping Tips

Nov 01, 2022


Are you tired of staying up at odd hours with your baby? The first year of your child’s life is
always the most difficult one, especially between managing yourself and the baby. Sleepless
nights seem to be a rite of passage for new parents, but don’t worry, it isn’t all that hard to
convince your little one to sleep through the night. Here are some sleeping tips to keep in mind
for a good night’s sleep for your baby:
1. Good sleep habits
Stick to a consistent calming routine, and don’t overwork yourself or the baby in the
evenings. A nice bath, good feed and calming lullabies can be a routine you create for
your baby to get used to. Always give your baby time to settle down – your baby might
create a fuss before finding a comfortable position to sleep.
2. Create powerful environment:
Avoid loud noises like your phone ringing, laughing too loudly with friends and family,
playing music or watching TV loudly. But having dim lights and a peaceful, sleep-
conducive environment will help your baby fall asleep again. Another way to signal that
it’s sleep time is by dulling out all loud noises and replacing them with more soothing,
calmer sounds.
3. Don’t stop moving while swaddling
Swaddling is the traditional practice of wrapping a baby in light cloth to calm them and
help them feel secure like they were in the womb. One of the baby sleep tips that could
help is to try swaddling combined with light swaying.
4. Keep your baby in perspective
Take time to understand your baby’s needs and habits. Learn to communicate with your
baby so you can help your child become a better sleeper. If your baby happens to be
around the 4-month mark, you may want to look out for sleep regression. This is a
perfectly natural occurrence, and it doesn’t happen with all babies. Bring it up with your
pediatrician if you have any concerns so they can put all your worries to rest.

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