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Baby’s First Winter: How to Protect in Cold Weather

Baby’s First Winter: How to Protect in Cold Weather

Nov 01, 2022


Winters can be harsh and difficult to survive for your baby especially when it’s the first season. So, new parents must follow safety precautions. Newborns and infants do not yet have the ability to self regulate their core temperature. Infants lose heat faster than adults, and the younger their age, the less able they are to cope with cold.
Here are a few suggestions for the new parents to take care of their babies. 

  1. Your infant should wear layers.
    "You should dress your kid in a jacket and a blanket if you feel at ease wearing a jacket on top of your clothes. Dressing your infant in layers allows you to adjust to her needs. Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton and muslin so you can take clothes on and off as needed.
  2. Be careful while covering the stroller
    In an abundance of caution you might want to throw a blanket over your baby’s stroller, or protect it with those old-fashioned plastic covers. Many strollers have covers especially fitted to that brand to allow appropriate air circulation. 
Prevent Dry Skin
Cold temperatures, the lack of humidity, and recirculated air can all contribute to dry, itchy, scaly skin. Ironically, water can dry out skin, and most babies don't really need to be washed daily in the winter anyway. Use warm water (not hot) and don't let your baby soak too long. Keep the water to about 100°F and limit time in the tub to 10 minutes, less for a newborn.

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