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Acne on Newborn Baby

Acne on Newborn Baby

Dec 08, 2022


Small pink pimples develop on the face and neck, cheeks, nose, eyelids, chin, and/or forehead of a baby when they are around 2-5 weeks. This temporary condition is called baby acne or neonatal acne which is found in 3 in 10 babies.

What causes Baby Acne?

It is caused due to the mother's hormonal effect right before birth. Newborns still have many maternal hormones circulating in their system in the first few weeks of birth. It may be possible hormones from a birthing parenting milk can cause acne in her baby.

How do they look?

Baby acne typically manifests as red bumps or pimples, just like acne in teens and adults. Additionally, white pustules or whiteheads may form, and the skin around the bumps may turn red. Although acne can appear anywhere on a baby's face, the cheeks are the most frequently affected area. Additionally, some infants may have acne on their neck or upper back. If your infant is fussy or crying, your acne might become more obvious. As well as saliva or vomit that remains on the face, rough textiles can aggravate acne. On rare occasions, babies may be born with acne. However, it typically appears two to four weeks after birth. And while some cases may linger for several months, it usually only lasts a few days or weeks.


In most cases, baby acne goes away on its own. Some infants get acne that lasts months rather than just a few days. Your baby's pediatrician may suggest a medicated cream or ointment that aids in acne clearing as a treatment for this persistent kind of baby acne. Use no over-the-counter creams, lotions, or face washes for acne. At this young age, your baby's skin is extremely delicate. By using something overly potent, you run the risk of exacerbating the acne or aggravating the skin further


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